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Zowee Tech Investors’ Opening Day Event Reported in Chinese Stock Market Report

                 Zowee Tech Investors’ Opening Day Event Reported in Chinese Stock Market Report 


        On November 25, 2014, the event Close to Listed Company for Fulfillment of China Dream - Zowee Tech Investors’ Opening Day was finished successfully. A detailed report on this event was given and broadcast in Chinese Stock Market Report, a program of Gansu Satellite TV on December 3, 2014.


        As reported, Mr. Xia Chuanwu, the president and general manager of Zowee Tech, showed the investors around automation technology department and workshop of Zowee, and gave an Introduction of their major products and technologies. Mr. Xia said that, Zowee now can make fast response to needs of manufacturing process for automation equipment, and develop proper automation equipment to achieve the goal of improving production efficiency. 


        Over around two years of technological accumulation and practical experience, Zowee has widely applied its automation equipment in manufacturing process at two major production bases in Shenzhen and Tianjin. Application of various automation equipment, such as automatic screwing machine, automatic testing machine, laminating machine and film sticking machine, further improves production efficiency, product consistency and quality level in manufacturing of products such as smart phone, tablet PC, mobile power pack and smart wristband, making Zowee advance toward research and development of more professional and high-end automation equipment. 


        Zowee always focuses on technological accumulation, continuously enhances its self-reliant research and development strengthen, widely spread its business, and has developed its own advantages in product manufacturing, quality, technologies and services, and set up management team with sustainable innovation. In future, Zowee will adhere to integration of large-scale professional inner growth and outward expansion, to maximize the benefits of both Zowee and the investors.


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