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China Dream - Shenzhen Landscaping - Planting Event for 10th Anniversary of Zowee Tech


  On March 29, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Zowee Tech, following its social responsibility for improving social ecological environment, Zowee organizes a planting event named "China Dream - Shenzhen Landscaping", which was promoted and held jointly by Urban Management Bureau of Shenzhen, Landscaping Committee Office of Shenzhen and Green Development Fund of Shenzhen. Zowee planted 20 trees in this event.

        Even though it was March, it was slightly cold in the air and the sky was dark, indicating an upcoming storm, but the participants were enthusiastic for the planting event. On the event field, led by Wei Daiying, secretary of the Board of Zowee, Lu Hezhong, vice director of HR Center, and Yuan Xiongliang, vice president of CMMB, the participants worked together, digging, planting, refilling and compacting, passionately and orderly despite of the rain. They kept on working hard even though they got wet in sweat and rain. Looking at the 20 trees planted in celebration of the 10th anniversary, the participants indicated in laughter that it was really a timely rain.

     Tree is the pulse of the earth. Planting is a great undertaking for benefits of the current generation and future offspring of generations, is a major measure to improve ecological environment and optimize natural environment, and is also responsibility of each employee of Zowee. This event was supported greatly by leaders of Zowee. We thank for leaders’ personal participation in it, and also call all staff to participate in planting and landscaping activities to follow China Dream.


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