Zowee 2025, Embraces the Internet of Everything, Leads Made in China and Supports Global Innovation.
Focus on providing value for customers constantly, create differentially competitive products,
Open innovation laboratory configuration prototype manufacturing, electronics assembly related equipment and tools, for members to share resources.
With the approaching of Industry 4.0, the core lies in keeping improving enterprise innovation and system efficiency in the transformation and upgrading of intelligent manufacturing.
Combined with IE lean manufacturing, introduced with the JIT feeding mode, reduced by relevant intermediate links of material delivery
Dedicating to enriching life and improving efficiency through a better IoT world
Lingoes is an open source hardware platform that can be used as a many peripheral for stand-alone operation.
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Committed to the value-added products and services


   In the era of Internet of Everything, the Company will cooperate with industrial partners, lay out future development tendency, focus on providing value for customers constantly, create differentially competitive products, ensure superior intelligent services and focus on supporting innovation companies consistent with the Company’s industry direction and assist start-ups to develop and promote innovative products to the market.


Technical Cooperation & Pursue for Win-win

   Zowee Company will provide comprehensive technical guidance for cooperation partners to enable them to further understand Zowee products and intelligent manufacturing solutions and then to better apply the Zowee platform capacity. If you are willing to be a partner of Zowee, please let us know your cooperation intention, business contents and contact information as follows to the email address for special businesses of Zowee Technology: projects@zowee.com.cn


Differentiated Product Solutions

   In order to better meet customer demands and promote business development, Zowee is willing to sincerely cooperate with all walks of life, to jointly maximize value. Based on the development experience and accumulated capability about mobile phone, wireless communication and other products, Zowee has cooperated with mainstream intelligent hardware manufacturers domestically and developed and marketed a large amount of products in the intelligent hardware field, currently involving intelligent home, wearable, robot, intelligent video, etc. We hope to widely cooperate with more power brands or institutes of mobile terminals, intelligent home, intelligent video, health management and other intelligent hardware products, and realize win-win through cooperation. Besides, it is our hope to innovate with our partners to develop more and better cooperation opportunities and further promote business development of both parties.

   In order to bring more value-added services for customers, Zowee will continue to closely cooperate with chip manufacturers and cloud platform service providers and devote to providing differentiated products and services, thus making our customers firmly believe that cooperation with Zowee can reduce development difficulty and workload, shorten marketing time and seize more business opportunities.


Superior Intelligent Manufacturing Services

   With product development in Internet mode and gradual personalization of customers’ demands in the market, there appears a trend of multi-products in small amount. In order to meet the demands of fast growth of products under the Internet mode, the Company sets up several manufacturing innovation centers to actively develop automatic manufacturing information systems.

   Till now, Zowee has developed and equipped an automatic production line in a whole process for multiple products, in the meanwhile, accelerated in developing the MES intelligent factory system together with the information system, combined with IE lean manufacturing, and introduced with JIT feeding mode, laying a solid foundation to provide comprehensive intelligent manufacturing services based on system development and commissioning of large amounts of application scenarios. We firmly believe that Zowee will continue to provide world-class intelligent manufacturing services for our customers.


Accelerated Entrepreneurship Services

   Zowee is devoted to assisting start-ups to develop and promote innovative products to the market, who would benefit a lot from the Company’s professional knowledge and abundant industrial experience about global end-to-end supply chain. Targeted at start-ups, the platform does not only play the role of "investor", but also needs to truly understand enterprise demands and difficulties. It is wisdom that we have invested. Besides of product manufacture, we will share plenty of experience about design, engineering, logistics, delivery, relationship, bridge construction, etc. with start-ups, thus reducing the operation cost, improving the flexibility and shortening product marketing time, and optimizing utilization of the supply chain thereof.




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